Satellite Inernet Broadband Service

Benefits Of HughesNet Gen5 Faster SpeedsMore DataAvailable EverywhereBuilt-in Wi-FiNo Hard Data Limits

Wifi Included

Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect your wireless devices without extra hardware.

No Hard Data Limits

Even if you exceed plan limits you keep surfing at slightly slower speeds for the current billing cycle.

Available Everywhere

Available no matter where you live today, even in areas with slow or no high-speed options.

Download 25Mbps

Get the fastest satellite Internet service —25 Mbps*— available to anyone, anywhere, coast-to-coast

About HughesNet

Welcome to Innovative Gen5 Satellite Internet

HughesNet is available anywhere in the contiguous U.S. with a clear view of the southern sky – no phone line needed or underground cables are required! You’ll finally get the Fast Internet Service you’ve always wanted. HughesNet Gen5 has reimagined what satellite Internet can be, bringing customers closer to everything they need online, like fast speeds, more data, no hard data limits, and built-in Wi-Fi. 

HughesNet automatically compresses and optimizes web content with built-in SmartTechnologies to make web pages load faster while using less of your data. HughesNet also includes a video data-saver so you can watch more videos using less of your data. It adjusts data rates for streaming video to deliver DVD quality, so you can watch 3 times more video.††

Stream Movies

Fast Downloads

Free Installation

Download Tokens

WiFi Included

24/7 Support

Tired of slow Internet speed?

Check Ability To Connect Our Services In Your Area



Good for light users



Designed for basic email and web browsing



Great for an average user



Great for social media, online shopping and listening to music



Ideal for families



Perfect for watching videos and sharing large files on multiple devices

HughesNet Satellite Internet Dot Coverage Map

Get Blazing Fast Internet

HughesNet Is Available To All Corners Of The Country

We offer a wide range of data options for all types of users, call us and we’ll help you make the right choice and find the satellite Internet plan that suits your typical Internet needs. If your usage needs change, changing your plan is easy.

Michael Dupont
Michael Dupont

I called about an extra charge for…

I called about an extra charge for tokens and was shown I had bought them 3 times that month. The representative showed me I could save money by upgrading my plan. So I did. She did a great job and had a pleasant, positive attitude.

Deborah Kienzle
Deborah Kienzle

i was curious about my tokens and how…

i was curious about my tokens and how they were added to my account, i did an online chat and was very pleased that the individual that helped me was fast, courteous, friendly and very helpful! I always recommend hughesnet to all my friends. I am very happy with my internet and my service.


Excellent customer service

Called from California because my son's house in Nevada had no service, I gave the rep his number so he could walk him through what he needed fixed the problem then called me back to let me know it was fixed. What great customer service A+


The Internet fluctuates between…

The Internet fluctuates between 10-30mbps. It's quite enough for using a computer, and much better than Frontier! But. it's not real good for streaming TV. Customer service is very good at HughesNet. Overall quite satisfied.

Dorothy Carothers
Dorothy Carothers


Grateful, they service area where I live! I sometimes get annoyed with it being slow, however,,,at least I have internet!! Thank you! And Hughesnet is priced reasonably!!

David Hudson
David Hudson

I was conflicted about my data usage…

I was conflicted about my data usage and how much was on my account and I couldn't seem to get it through internet answers so when I contacted the representative he was so helpful that I was more than elated with everything that he gave me and I thank you very much you have a nice day

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